SKC Asean Trading House

Opening doors to Hungary

SKC Asean is a Budapest based trading company, that has been set up for that purpose to transfer innovative, unique products and technologies from Central/Central-East Europe to the he South East Asia Region (ASEAN).



FMCG stands for “Fast Moving Consumer Goods”, means all consumer goods that the consumer re-purchases on a regular basis. SKC-ASEAN’s trade portfolios are a major part of trade in these products.

We are always welcome any distributors, who are interersted in the trading of our products, also we are very interrested in importing local products to Hungary.

Technology export

SKC-ASEAN has set up innovative Hungarian technologies through its partner network, which are missing in the Vietnamese market or only partial alternatives are known. Exported technologies are recognized and acknowledged solutions in domestic and European markets, and their domestic success gives a good reference to Asian utilization.
Our target sectors: Water purification, rodent rejection, plant protection, bakery technologies


SKC Asean Kft.
H-1031 Budapest,
Rozália utca 11.
Phone: +36-30-8228475


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