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Nobilis dried products

The Nobilis ltd. is the leading producer and exporter of dried apple and sour cherry products in Hungary. The Nobilis name has stood for high quality dried fruits since 1992 and it is their aim to continue along this path, day after day. Through the delicate drying process, vitamins and minerals are retained, along with full aroma and flavour.
Their dried Apple and Chocolate coated dried apple products are fun and exciting snacks which provide a delicious and easy way to support healthy eating habits, whilst contributing to the recommended intake of 5 portions of fruit per day.
Nobilis dried apple dices and pitted sour cherry pieces are delicious and nutritious additions to countless recipes and blends and are also used by many chocolate manufacturers, muesli producers and bakeries all around Europe.

Golden Apple Crisps (40g):

  • Contains 3 whole apple
  • Rich in natural Fibres
  • Not fried or baked
  • Contains no added sugars or flavourings only naturally occurring sugars.

Dried, pitted black cherries (100g):

  • Natural Source of Potassium and Magnesium
  • Rich in natural fibre
  • Natural Source of Magnesium

Dried, pitted sour cherries (100g):

  • Natural Source of Potassium
  • Rich in natural folic acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E,
  • natural fibre, Iron and Magnesium