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Royal Paté – Goose Liver Paté

Hungarian goose liver is a unique Hungarian product called ’Hungaricum’. It is the real culinary indulgence for people who like the clean taste. The content of the fatty goose liver is 99.6% high.

It does not contain anything else, only pure, Hungarian fatty goose liver, a pinch of Himalaya salt and Muntoc pepper. It does not contain preservatives. It does not contain additives. It can be kept on room temperature for (up to) one year. If you open it, you must keep it refrigerated and consume it in 3 days.

All goose livers are sold in unique paper box.

The product is gluten free, lactose free, sugar free

The subtance of the bottle: 75 gramm

Serving suggestion: a little bit cold, with a piece of toasted bagett and a glass of white wine.
Hungaricum product.