Oldal kiválasztása

Golden Chocolate Egg

What is the Golden Chocolate Egg?
A gift for any occasion .The Golden Chocolate Egg is a special surprise; the magic power of jewellery hidden inside the chocolate makes it every women’s favourite present. Each display box contains 20 Golden Chocolate Eggs. Every piece is presented in a small golden bag, along with a description. The Classic range contains only fashion jewellery within the eggs. It is made of 25gr gluten-free 40% milk chocolate.

The Chocolate
„Special Experience, Quality, Health”
The Golden Chocolate Egg’s gluten-free chocolate has been produced in the same location for many years. Thousands of satisfied customers stand as proof of its quality. The chocolate is based on a Swiss recipe, its velvety taste along with the jewellery hidden inside, together offer pleasure, excitement and a special experience.

The jewellery
Each handmade, individually packaged Golden Chocolate Egg contains a piece of jewellery along with a certificate. The jewellery is hand-picked by our family members who have generations of experience in working with precious metal.