Nowadays it is an essential requirement for teachers to acquire new information techniques and tools or software. The latest technology – without projector – is an active surface interactive touchscreen that is really a great opportunity for both instructors and students to simulate, visualize information about their environment and interactively engage in educational processes. The inseparable part of the most up-to-date education and measurement system is the inclusion and use of mobile smart devices.


The SKC AVA LED Touchscreen Interactive Boards provide a solution to this. The product is available in four sizes, with 55 “, 65”, 75 “and 85” diagonal. No model can be used on its own, in every case it is necessary to display the picture on a computer that can be connected to the VGA 15 pin or HDMI connector for the large monitor, similar to conventional projectors. In the interest of computer-mediated interface to be displayed on the image to become interactive, you also need an optional USB cable.

WordWall3 cloud-based international online learning database software

The most up-to-date presentation devices alone are not enough to attract the attention of students, so there is something else is need to.

The education developers have done a lot of useful and spectacular improvements in recent years, and teachers have been very successful in teaching lessons. However, it was also necessary to create a virtual community where teachers could distribute their educational material between them free of charge and later in editable form.

As water travels and the Internet does not set borders, the WordWall application which is available from 2006 could spread to a number of European countries whose lessons can be shared with each other without restriction and can be edited further. As educator society has developed steadily thanks to the digital strategy, WordWall developers have also taken the step, since January 2017, the previously registered community has been integrated into a cloud-based system, along with the already prepared lessons.
So the students are no longer involved with individual manual voting units, but with platform-independent so-called mobile smart tools, with the help of classroom work, results and play competitions. It is important to note that as a result, remote participants can follow the on-screen information not only with a closed IP-based classroom measurement system, but also via weblink generated by task series (e-learning mode). Participants’ votes can be collected, analyzed, digitally saved or exported by the teacher together with the answers of those present.

So – With WordWall3 software, the computer on the touch screen lets you share content freely on your student’s devices, whether it’s a notebook, a desktop computer, a tablet, or a smart phone, and a cloud-based solution can connect to client devices without installation, so it can be used on any platform.


Easy as 1-2-3

Interactives and printables

Wordwall can be used to create both interactive and printable activities. Most of our templates are available in both an interactive and a printable version.

Interactives are played on any web-enabled device, like a computer, tablet, phone or interactive whiteboard. They can be played individually by students, or be teacher-led with students taking turns at the front of the class.

Printables can printed out directly or downloaded as a PDF file. They can be used as a companion to the interactive or as stand-alone activities.

Create using templates

Our activities are created using a template system.

These templates include familar classics like Quizand Crossword. We also have arcade style games like Maze Chase and Airplane, and there are classroom management tools such as Seating plan.

To make a new activity you start by selecting your template and then enter your content. It’s easy and means you can create a fully interactive activity in a only a couple of minutes.

Edit any activity

There’s no need to settle for pre-made activities. If you find an activity but it’s not quite right, you can easily customize the material to suit your class and your teaching style.

Themes and options

Interactives can be presented in different themes. Each theme changes the look and feel with different graphics, fonts, and sounds.

You’ll also find further options to set a timer or change the gameplay.

The printables have options too. For example, you can change the font, or print multiple copies per page.

Student assignments

Wordwall activities can be used as student-completed assignments. When a teacher sets an assignment, students are directed to that one activity without the distraction of visiting the main activity page.

This feature can be used in-class where students have access to their own devices, or as a way of setting homework.

Each student’s results are recorded and made available to the teacher.

Sharing with teachers

Any activity you create can be made public. This allows you to share its activity page link via email, on social media or via other means. It also allows other teachers to find the activity in our Community search results, play it, and build upon it.

If you prefer you can keep activities private, which means only you can access it.

Embedding on a website

Wordwall activities can be placed on another website using a snippet of HTML code. It works in the same way as the video embed feature you find on YouTube or Vimeo, giving you a playable activity on your own site.

This is a great way to enhance your own blog or your school’s virtual learning environment (VLE).

Multiplayer games

Multiplayer is a format where all students join the same game simultaneously, each on their own device. The teacher controls the flow of the game from the front of the class.

Some games are competitive, for example Quiz, where students race to give the correct answer as quickly as possible. Others such as Brainstorm facilitate a collaborative discussion.


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