Oldal kiválasztása

Our Goal

Our tradinghouse model is based on products and services from various parts of the world.

Our goal is to bring products, services and innovative technologies into new markets by linking the economic regions of South East Asia and Central Europe. Our international network serves the success of our customers.

The aim of SKC is to exploit its own business opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe and to establish a connection between Europe and the South East Asia Region (ASEAN). The SKC Trading House acts as a market-oriented business mediator.

Import, export

With the import, export and re-export of goods, we aim to build excellent relationships with our manufacturing and purchasing partners.

Accordingly, we can work together with our resources available to develop marketable and competitive products. 

As a trading house, we are launching the products of our partners, looking for connectivity points for the know-how and obtaining the necessary technology by bringing partnerships together between companies and between companies and professionals.