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Arsenic Mitigation of Waters

Manufacture, Research, Distribution from Hungary

S-Metalltech 98 Ltd. (Budapest) was founded in 1998 by six Hungarian engineers. The aim of setting the company was to create a flexible research-development-production base for the special more-components materials applied mainly in the field of the environmental protection, the power engineering and the car industry. 

…To develop, design and manufacture of a simple* and flexible** system for supply safe drinking water by treatment of arsenic-contaminated waters.

* Simple means that the operation of the equipment does not require any special skill furthermore supervision 
**Fllexible means that the system can be matched to the composition of the local water quality (arsenic, iron, manganese etc.) furthermore the equipment can be produced with the capacity in the wide range of 1 m3/day – 10 000 m3/day l.


  1. The mitigation technology based on the REGENERABLE HYDROUS CERIUM-OXIDE arsenic adsorbent material …
  2. The MOBILE REGENERATION technology and equipment
  3. The equipment for DETECTING the arsenic contamination of the drinking waters at the site
  4. The technology serving for REDUCTION of the quantity of the hazardous waste material after regeneration by magnetic separation